Outubro 1st, 2021


Introduction to Cosmetics Preservation with Green Chemistry (WEBINAR)

Presentation Slides from Gilchrist Technical Services Ltd. Alastair Gilchrist-Speaker Gilchrist Technical Services Ltd. Test result from a batch of cosmeticproduct contaminated with mould.Photograph used by kind permission of Southern Microbiological Services Limited The 10 Golden Rules Of GM Get the facility and equipment design right from the start. Practice good hygiene. Write good procedures and follow them. Identify who does what. Train and develop staff. Validate processes. Keep good records. Maintain facilities and equipment. Build quality into the whole product lifecycle. Perform regular audits an implement improvements identified. Facility Design Design a good logical material flow through the facility. Specify the finishes in each area: Appropriate to the activity being carried out. Which are easy to keep clean and to maintain. Ensure that there are changing, hand washing andmessing facilities outside the production areas. Provide appropriate storage conditions for the materials,components sub- assemblies and finished products. Where possible locate utilities outside production areas. Implement and monitor appropriate pest control programmes.

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